When the seminar began I was very skeptical. Having been twice divorced and always feeling misunderstood by men, I had deep resentment toward them. During the two-day seminar, my resistance and skepticism totally waned. I feel a transformation of sorts has taken place, as I no longer feel resentment toward men, as I now have a much better understanding of “how they tick”.

Texie M.

I am reviewing the course. I love the noble healings that have been added. These have been so profound and impactful. I realized as I was writing about my dad, that the complaints I had with my boyfriend were the exact same need that I did not get from or feel from my father: not feeling or seeing actions that he liked me or loved me. I was able to do some healing and learned how to ask for my needs from an empowering place and not a victim place.

DeeAnn M.

I want to thank you for illuminating all the ways I’ve contributed to the demise of my own relationships. Also for teaching me ways to avoid contributing to fear-based rage and caveman behavior, as I feel a newfound empowerment ability to protect myself. Thank you for validating several of my instincts that society has led me to believe were incorrect ways to treat men/people.

Ruby T.

Understanding, seeing, and hearing the differences between men and women was definitely helpful. I’m making a serious, real effort to change my communication style with everyone. Adrienne was great. She’s a true living example that it works.

Sara V.

Thank you for sharing all of the valuable and insightful information for establishing effective communication with men and improving our relationships and perception of them. I’m committed to not emasculate men any longer, but rather affirm than tear them down. I will definitely be integrating new words in my communication with them. Great tools for the future!

Kari D.

This is my third time to enjoy this course, each at different stages in my life. This third time is the best so far. Thanks for the extra hero word! I think this is a great one! I enjoyed hearing Adrienne. She led our class flawlessly.

Emy E.

My belief that I can support my husband’s thriving came from my attending this course.

Bettymae D.

Very enlightening! Adrienne Dworak is a great instructor! I enjoyed her real-life stories that were so applicable to the material. There were several “aha” moments and the panel of men was a great tool to include. Their comments solidified everything we were taught for two days. The information is extremely helpful and was taught in an easy format that it was understandable.

Priscilla G.

For many years, I have been convicted not to emasculate and to be more feminine. However, I never had to practical tools to really change my behavior. I am so thankful for this course because I know, with practice, I have what it takes to completely change my relationships and have the love and intimacy I most deeply want. Thank you for giving me hope.

Amy R.

Every woman should be trained in these concepts! I cannot express strongly enough how shifted I am from learning this material. I’m a better mother, partner, daughter, and friend as a result and I feel more confident and solid as a human being.

Lorie M.